2016 Workshop on Pulse Shaping

The 58th Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance (RMCMR) in Breckenridge CO featured a workshop on pulse shaping in EPR, with contributions from Gareth Eaton, Laura Buchanan, Ralph Wever, Songi Han, Ilia Kaminker and Stefan Stoll. The workshop slides can be downloaded here.

2014 ANZMAG EPR Lecture Series

Here are links to YouTube videos of a series of 5 lectures by Daniella Goldfarb at the 2014 EPR Workshop during the conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Magnetic Resonance (ANZMAG).

Penn State Bioinorganic Workshop Lectures

The Penn State Bioinorganic Workshops all features lectures on EPR by K. Lakshmi, Art van der Est, and Stefan Stoll. The 2014 and 2016 lectures are available as videos. There are many other great lectures on other spectroscopic techniques in bioinorganic chemistry.