Supporting, Highlighting and Advancing Recent Developments in EPR


Gary J. Gerfen, Ph.D.
Department of Physiology & Biophysics
Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus
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The Grand Challenge Workshop (GCW) is sponsored by the SHARED EPR Network. Its purpose is to bring together a diverse range of EPR expertise to identify and address major obstacles/targets for growth in current EPR research. The program will not follow the typical “conference presentation” model. Specialists in the proposed topic area will be invited to present brief overviews of the work that is ongoing in their labs, together with problems or challenges that impede the attainment of the ultimate research goals. These presentations are expected to be highly interactive, and published work is not included or is only briefly discussed to give context. These “in-progress” talks will provide a synopsis of the state-of-the art, as well as the issues that remain to be addressed, in the selected Grand Challenge subject area. These presentations will serve as a point of departure for breakout sessions consisting of members of the network in attendance at the workshop.

The subject of this year’s GCW is “EPR on a Chip: Development and Applications of Micro EPR”. A growing trend in the development of EPR spectroscopy is the minimization of the size of samples as well as EPR components. The goal of this work is to push the limits of sensitivity and spatial resolution (to the level of the cell or even single molecule) as well as to miniaturize instrumentation for potential remote operation. The expertise of the speakers scheduled to present in this year’s GCW span the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, physics and engineering.