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National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
1800 East Paul Dirac Drive
Tallahassee,Florida 32310
(850) 644-0311
Type:Nationally-funded EPR Center
Spectrometers:The facility offers users home built high-field and multi-high-frequency instruments covering the continuous frequency range from 9 GHz to ~1 THz, with additional frequencies up to 2.5 THz using a molecular gas laser. Transmission probes are available for cw measurements, which are compatible with a range of magnets at the lab, including the highest field 45 T hybrid. Some of the probes can be configured with resonant cavities, providing enhanced sensitivity as well as options for in-situ rotation of single-crystal samples in the magnetic field, and the simultaneous application of pressure (up to ~3 GPa). Quasi-optical (QO) reflection spectrometers are also available in combination with high-resolution 12 and 17 T superconducting magnet systems; a simple QO spectrometer has also been developed for use in the resistive and hybrid magnets (up to 45 T). EMR staff members can assist users in the DC field facility using broadband tunable homodyne and heterodyne spectrometers as well. In addition to cw capabilities, the facility boasts the highest frequency pulsed EPR spectrometer in the world, operating at 120, 240 and 336 GHz with 100 ns time resolution. A new high-power (1 kW) quasi-optical pulsed 94 GHz spectrometer (HiPER) with 1 ns time resolution became available to users in 2015. A commercial Bruker Elexsys 680 operating at 9/95 GHz (X-/W-band) is also available upon request. This unique combination of cw and pulsed instruments may be used for a large range of applications.
Special Capabilities:
EPR Techniques:cw EPR, DEER / PELDOR, DNP, EDMR, ENDOR, EPR theory and simulation, ESEEM / HYSCORE, Featured Facility, high-field EPR, pulse EPR, THz EPR, time-resolved EPR