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Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology (CNST)
100 Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg,MD 20899
(301) 974-3344
Type:EPR Laboratory
Spectrometers:Two EPR spectrometer systems are available in the Szalai lab at the CNST at NIST. The first spectrometer is a Bruker E580 operating from room temperature to 4 K in CW and pulsed modes. The system has two CW (SHQE, Dual-mode) and three pulsed (MS-3, MS-5, MD-5) resonators. It is used routinely for PELDOR/DEER and can be used for saturation recovery. It is equipped with the Bruker SpinJet AWG for pulse shaping. A spectroelectrochemical cell also is available for CW measurements.The second pulsed/CW system operates at 34 GHz and employs an AWG-driven bridge designed and built by Millitech. The internal power amplifier provides 6 W of power to the resonator; an external 150 W TWT will be available in the near future (January 2016). The Bruker QT-II resonator, which accommodates 3 mm OD sample tubes, is slated for use on this system. A collection of visible CW lasers (355 nm, 405 nm, 488 nm/514 nm; 532 nm, 565 nm) are available to interface with these spectrometers.
Special Capabilities:The CNST is a user facility at NIST that develops and houses a variety of unique instrumentation for nanotechnology applications. The NanoFabrication facility of the CNST enables design, development and building of custom micro and nanoscale structures.
EPR Techniques:cw EPR, DEER / PELDOR, ESEEM / HYSCORE, pulse EPR, spectroelectrochemistry