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Bruker E580
College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
ChengFu Road 202
Beijing, 100871
(010) 627-6570 x3
Type:Departmental EPR Facility
Spectrometers:Standard Bruker E580 solid state 300W amplifier X band AWG MS3 and MD5 resonator high Q cw resonator(Q=10000) Liquid He cryostat, ESR 900, CF 935 automatic/manu rotator
Special Capabilities:pulsed electric field 500V, 2 ns pulsed laser, 10Hz 1064nm(200mJ) 532nm(100mJ) 355nm(40 mJ) 266nm(30mJ)
EPR Techniques:cw EPR, DEER / PELDOR, EPR theory and simulation, ESEEM / HYSCORE, high-field EPR, pulse EPR, rapid-scan EPR, THz EPR, time-resolved EPR