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Steppingstone MAgnetic Resonance Training Center
Type: Educational
Steppingstone School, Center for Gifted Education
30250 Grand River Ave
Farmington Hills, 48336
(248) 957-8200 x_____
EPR Techniques: cw EPR, EPR oxymetry

Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology (CNST)
Type: EPR Laboratory
100 Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
(301) 974-3344
EPR Techniques: cw EPR, DEER / PELDOR, ESEEM / HYSCORE, pulse EPR, spectroelectrochemistry

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Type: Department of Energy-funded National Scientific User Facility
EMSL at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
3335 Innovation Boulevard
Richland, Oregon 99354
(509) 371-6873
EPR Techniques: cw EPR, DEER / PELDOR, ENDOR, ESEEM / HYSCORE, high-field EPR, pulse EPR, rapid-freeze quench, spectroelectrochemistry

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Type: Nationally-funded EPR Center
1800 East Paul Dirac Drive
Tallahassee, Florida 32310
(850) 644-0311
EPR Techniques: cw EPR, DEER / PELDOR, DNP, EDMR, ENDOR, EPR theory and simulation, ESEEM / HYSCORE, Featured Facility, high-field EPR, pulse EPR, THz EPR, time-resolved EPR

Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology
Type: Terahertz facility
Physics Department
University of California at Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106
(805) 893-7023
EPR Techniques: cw EPR, high-field EPR, pulse EPR, THz EPR