SharedEPR invites proposals for the awarding of funds to participate in an inter-lab exchange program named EPR Technology Transfer Experiences (ETTEs).

We are currently not accepting applications for ETTEs. Deadlines for future application rounds will be posted on this website.


The ETTE is designed to provide travel funds for US-based students, postdocs and non-tenure track faculty researchers to spend time in other laboratories to get “hands-on” training in new EPR methodologies and bring these advances back to their home labs. The duration of the participant’s inter-lab experience will depend on the details of the technology to be learned and transferred and is expected to be in the range of one to three weeks. The specific research areas of the participant’s home lab and the destination lab must be sufficiently distinct as to constitute a true inter-discipline transfer – applications for which the home lab and the exchange lab share similar expertise will be considered weak.

Funds and Reporting

Funds will be provided for travel, room and board, but not for supplies or equipment. At the conclusion of the ETTE, the participant and the sponsoring PI must agree to provide a brief report of the specific technology and/or techniques that were learned and transferred to the home laboratory. These summaries will also be posted on the main SharedEPR website.


The application process is open to graduate students, postdocs and non-tenure-track faculty members who are affiliated with research institutions based in the United States. Applicants must be or become members of the SharedEPR network.

Application Details

The application requires the following elements:
A) a one-page written proposal including the following
– a summary of the proposed work
– the specific EPR technology/method which is to be learned and is not available in the “home”laboratory
– reasons the particular destination lab was chosen
B) the applicant’s CV
C) letter of consent from the PI of the “home” lab
D) letter of consent from the PI of the destination lab.

The entire application should be submitted as a single pdf file via email to by [application deadline].

Up to four ETTEs of up to $2500 will be awarded. Notification of awards will be made by about [application deadline + 2 weeks].