Josh Biller
Postdoctoral Scholar
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Boulder, Colorado
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EPR Techniques:cw EPR, DNP, EPR microscopy, EPR oxymetry, imaging, pulse EPR, rapid-scan EPR, special resonators
Research Areas:diagnostics / imaging, education, instrumentation / methods development, nitroxides
Personal Statement:

My background is in relaxation measurements (T1,T2) of organic radicals in aqueous phase (250 MHz - 34 GHz) and development of rapid scan EPR imaging at 250 MHz. I have constructed a low field DNP spectrometer (0.1-10 mT) to characterize a variety of DNP agents in the "hyperfine dominant region". This will allow selection of the best DNP agent for use with our ultra-low field MRI (ULF-MRI) spectrometer. In both experiments, we study/manipulate spin physics unique to low magnetic fields.